NEW: Rugged Tiny Power Generator: Nitecore NPS600

NEW: Rugged Tiny Power Generator: Nitecore NPS600

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In todays video I do a review of a robust mini solar generator. Very lightweight and incredibly solid make this perfect for light off grid usage. It is not intended to replace larger lithium batteries like the Inergy Flex system, Jackery or Bluetti.

I edited out a part about the genius who always yells "ITS NOT A GENERATOR". When paired with a solar panel they generate electricity. They are no less a generator than a combustion engine that converts chemical energy into electricity. Without gasoline you have a big paperweight. They are all technically "converters" (gas generators and solar batteries) because energy is neither created nor destroyed. This power bank has been finely tuned to work with the proprietary solar panel, making it as generator as a generator gets, so GET OVER IT

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Get the Nitecore through Cyber monday (use coupon code nitecore for 20% off)

Get the INERGY MODULAR flex system here

Get the Bluetti here

Ge the Jackery here

Powerfilm solar panel here*

Zendure Small Power banks*

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By: Canadian Prepper
Title: NEW: Rugged Tiny Power Generator: Nitecore NPS600
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